How we do it

Investing in real estate can be complicated and somewhat risky for those who do not possess the know-how, capital or time. This is why we have made it accessible and easy for everyone.

Our flexible investments model offers two options:

1) Buying an exclusive asset
2) Buying units, starting with an initial investment of $1000, using crowd financing mechanism

The power of crowd investments combined with outstanding technology: We utilize a unique legal structure that enables us to divide each property into 100 units, allowing our clients to invest in assets by chunks, using the benefits of crowd investing.

The result - you no longer need a substantial initial capital to invest in real estate. You choose how much to invest, and where.

With OWNERCLUB's platform you can invest a partial amount of the property's value and earn a profit of that percentage of the asset's value. Now, you can sit back and track your investments on our simple-to-use personal dashboard.

The platform was developed using a sophisticated exchange technology specially designed for trading options functionality, allowing everyone to invest and trade in real estate with just a click of a button and with a minimum capital of $1000. Even you.

Find your investment
$5,145 / Monthly Rent
6,650 sqft
Cap Rate 6.50%
$1,100 / Monthly Rent
1,518 sqft
Cap Rate 8.02%
$1,750 / Monthly Rent
2,400 sqft
Cap Rate 8.00%
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